Sand Racing

Sand Racing has been held in Guernsey since before World War 2 and has been organised by the Guernsey Motorcycle & Car Club throughout its history. Originally modified road machines were used but now highly specialised machines are the norm. In Guernsey Solo motorcycles have been commonplace but in the last two years we have seen the spectacular 1000cc sidecars competing on Vazon Beach.


The Solo's are all Single Cylinder 500cc 4 stroke powered machines that run on pure Methanol, they have a 2 speed gearbox NO brakes and are very light, acceleration is phenomenal with a 0-60mph time of 3.4s.

The Sidecars are just as specialised, most have 1000cc Superbike engines with the fuel injection and electronics removed and replaced with large carburettors again running on pure Methanol, although there a few 1000cc V-Twin powered machines.

Sand Racing is always fast and spectacular, riders race in very close proximity to each other at very high speeds so a great deal of skill is involved, fortunately accidents are rare but with high speeds involved they are an accepted risk of the sport.

The SandAce event has been steadily growing in stature since 2006, in 2012 The Guernsey Motorcycle & Car Club LBG held the first "Condor Ferries SandAce ACU British Championship" which was a massive success.

On the 4th July 2015 we will be holding the 10th SandAce event, again it will be a National accredited ACU British Championship with the very top Solo riders and Sidecar teams competing to become British Champions.


The organising committee eagerly looks forward to July 2015 when we can promise a fantastic field of competitors, we sincerely hope that you will support the event and share our passion for Track Racing.

Get an idea of the track from 2008 Champion Ant Queripels point of view 

This stunning footage was taken at the 2012 event, well worth a watch